Trillium Driver Solutions Inc., is a progressive and modern supplier to today’s transportation industry.  We specialize in the supply of qualified drivers in a wide variety of capacities.

Whether you are requiring long-term or temporary assistance, or perhaps you have simply encountered an unexpected and urgent need – we are there for you.

When those “curve-balls” happen in this industry (and they do more often than we like), we understand  that your customer’s needs still have to be met – first and foremost– and that is why Trillium Driver Solutions will become your trusted and reliable go-to resource.   Available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we are your “back-pocket” insurance policy.

Trillium Driver Solutions’ Management Team comes with over 15 years of direct experience within the transportation industry.   Our knowledge ranges from personal hands-on driving experience (over ½ million logged miles), extensive understanding of today’s industry rules and regulations, and the golden nugget ~ more than a decade and a half of real-world, experience in problem solving, supply chain management and the value of meeting delivery deadlines.

What company do you know that the CEO could tie up his work boots and show up to drive for you in an absolute emergency?   We challenge you to find even one!   It’s those kinds of “on-the-street” skills, and industry know-how that sets Trillium Driver Solutions apart as a trusted resource you can depend on.

Located just north of Toronto, Ontario we service the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).  Our drivers are professional, individually screened and properly qualified in compliance with The Ministry of Ontario’s (MTO) regulatory requirements.

We take the time to learn about your individual business needs, and we select the best fit for you from our qualified group of experienced drivers.

Our pool of drivers have direct, and often unique, experience in a variety of fields:  Dry van, reefer, flat bed, Ottawa/Capacity Shunt trucks and curtain-sides – just to name a few.

More information on our Driver Screening Requirements.

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